Integrated Technologies AIR.Maxi Using more fans in reverse to ensure maximum uniformity of cooking
in all trays and in each pan. Availability of 3 speeds of air flows and 3 runs
semi-static to face the cooking of each product type: from the most delicate and
light to that which requires a high heat transport through a strong ventilation. STEAM.Maxi Production of steam dense and fine already as low as 48 ° C,
thanks to the power of 3000 revolutions per minute of the fans. DRY.Maxi Patent UNOX to remove rapidly and effectively the steam or moisture
in the cooking chamber. Fundamental in bakery products and confectionery to
get a full and uniform structure, important in cooking gourmet when you
want to get a crisp outer surface. ADAPTIVE.Clima: Through the control of the cooking parameters real -
temperature in the cooking chamber and to the heart,% extraction
of moisture or steam injection, and type of ventilation - the oven
automatically adjusts the cooking program according to the quantity
of food fired, ensuring perfect results and repeatable. MAXI.Link: Possibility to overlap UNOX ovens and accessories,
all controlled by a single control display, so as to allow the user
to create the column in the ideal cooking according to its needs,
thus making it possible cooking foods completely different their. Thanks to the EFFICIENT.Power can also reduce up to 33% of
the power needed to operate the column MAXI.Link created. Rotor.KLEAN: The cleaning system integrated Rotor.KLEAN ™
combined with detergent UNOX.Det & Rinse can be sure that the
oven is always in optimum condition to ensure the best results when cooking
with a minimum cost of washing.