The induction cooktop provides adequate
safeguards in the field of safety:absence
of flame and gas leaks: the heat is given off by
the magnetic field and only since diameter of
the pot in which you want to cook, so you
do not risk getting burned by touching
the plate near the edge You may have a very precise control of the
temperature variation of the pot; You may
stop the boiling while maintaining a very low
heat, or high depending on the case, with a very
high accuracy that could
not be obtained with the traditional gas cooker. From a practical standpoint the speed in heating
the food is truly remarkable:
the response time to the change in intensity
of heat are instant. Cooking perfectly uniform, thanks to the heat
distributionover the entire bottom of the pan. Flat and smooth surfaces, extremely easy to clean. Considerable savings on electricity bills than planned radiant
with strength and halogens No more nozzles are clogged, as can happen for the gas stove.


The glass ceramic is a material very particular ,
made from glass pane defined "
unstable " , such as those based on lithium silicate .
Following the forming , the glass is heated to obtain
a complete devitrification ,
catalyzed by nucleating agents (metals )
or by microliquazioni
( obtainable in glasses with titanium dioxide) . These procedures give the glass-ceramic unique
characteristics : Great resistance to the thermal expansion ,
even in case of strong thermal excursions It can be subjected to very high temperatures ,
up to 700/800 ° without damage Support bases on which you place the cookware
deformable unbreakable Immune to most corrosive sostenze  Absence of flame and gas leaks